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Affordable Medical Imaging Adds 3D Mammography for Breast Imagingcomputer tomo

AMI is now offering the next generation of breast cancer detection imaging technology called 3D breast Tomosynthesis. AMI along with it’s marketing partner DOCs Tomo, will be the nations first mobile screening facility offering Siemens technology in St. Petersburg, Leesburg, Eustis and Ocala, Florida.

So what is Tomosynthesis? In short, it improves breast cancer detection by 43%, reducing false-positive findings and cutting patient call backs by 40%.

Tomosynthesis is 3D mammogram technology that is proven to detect breast cancer better than traditional 2D mammography alone. While standard 2D mammograms take an image of the top and bottom side of a patient’s breast, Tomosynthesis takes 25 images of the breast from many angles as the X-ray tube moves across the breast in a 50-degree arc.

The images are assembled into a 3D study so doctors can see the breast tissue in fine detail. The 3D image allows them to see clearly through breast tissue that may be overlapping, or through the tissue of women with dense breasts.

“Clinical data had demonstrated that the addition of digital breast tomosynthesis to a patient’s traditional 2D digital mammogram increases detection of breast tumors, said Larry Williams, CEO. “We chose the True Breast Tomosynthesis option from Siemens because it gives us the widest-angle image acquisition available which helps our physicians see more than traditional 2D mammography alone.

“Early detection is the key to surviving breast cancer,” Williams said. “When we find tumors earlier, doctors are better able to create treatment plans that are more effective. We think this technology can help save lives.”

Larry Williams further stated that, by reducing the distortion created by tissue overlap or dense breast tissue in 2D mammograms, physicians are better able to target the size, shape and location of a tumor.

For more information about Tomosynthesis, call us at 727-896-0000.

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