Imaging Services

Affordable Medical Imaging is a diagnostic imaging service designed specifically for people who are in need of diagnostic services that may not have insurance, or may have insurance, but due to increases in their healthcare premiums now have high deductibles and/or co-payments.

Our Low Imaging Costs:

MRI Only $275
CT Only $175
Ultrasound Only $100
Mammogram 2-D Only $100
X-Ray (Routine, non-fluoro) Only $50
Contrast studies add $100 per exam

We will save you money on your medical imaging!

Compare Prices Elsewhere:

An MRI at a hospital may cost up to $3,000. An MRI at a private Imaging Center may cost up to $1,200.No matter what the reason, the result is the same; YOU are forced to pay out of your pocket. So why not pay less for the same service? It’s Your Health, and it’s your Money, shouldn’t it be Your Choice?

Most Comprehensive Breast Screening Available:

We are now offering not one but three screenings to all women who trust us for their annual breast exam. Our radiologist, acting on the latest information available, have advised that we not only offer the standard 2D mammogram but also the latest 3D exam called Tomosynthesis. The 3D mammogram is 43% more accurate than the standard 2D. However, in many cases women are called back for another exam, normally a breast ultrasound if something during either exam is not clear or perhaps suspicious. This call back often makes women fear the worst, and often causes necessary stress from worry. This is why we prefer to perform an ultrasound during the first visit to ensure that when a woman leaves our office, radiologists have all the images they need to ensure the most accurate reading.

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