ObamaCare launched October 1st!

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ObamaCare is now underway and available to the public. So what is ObamaCare and what will it mean to you?

In short, ObamaCare is a law that was passed in 2010 designed to help ensure the more than 60 million people nationwide without insurance and make it more affordable and better for those who already have policies in place. For the millions of Americans who already have private insurance provided mostly by employers, ObamaCare is designed to ensure these plans are stronger. For example, previously many plans would exclude coverage for childbirth, prescription drugs and mental health care. Under the law, insurers must now pay for all of these services. This law also limits your annual out of pocket fees and you can no longer be dropped for getting sick. Additionally, starting in 2015, workplaces with more than 50 people must provide insurance to full-time workers or face stiff penalties. Individuals can also face fines for not seeking coverage, having health insurance is now the law.

If you are on Medicare, not much will change other than an easier time getting prescription drugs. As far as Medicaid, ObamaCare includes a big expansion of free health care for the poor, through Medicaid. Starting now, nearly all families making less than $31,000 yearly could get free Medicaid, which means 17 million of the 60 million uninsured could be covered.

If you do not currently have insurance or you have additional questions you want to go to the new Marketplace to find coverage. By filling out an application you can find out if you can get lower costs based on your income.

Here’s the web address www.healthcare.gov.

In most cases, many people will still have to carry high deductible plans in order to make monthly premiums affordable. This means patients will still have to pay out of pocket for services such as imaging. If this is the case, remember Affordable Medical Imaging. For other out of pocket services, visit the Affordable HealthCare Network which is a network of affordable medical providers who offer low cash prices and payment plans. Visit www.AHCNofFl.com.

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